I am a professor of operations, technology, and information management and the Emerson Professor of Manufacturing Management at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. This page links to my working papers, journal publications, and some slide decks. For my faculty web page at Cornell University, please click here.

I am also directing the MS in Business Analytics degree program at Cornell, which is a part-time online program designed for working professionals. Here are some news items about this program in the Johnson School BusinessFeed, in Business Because, and in Metro MBA.

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Address: 377 Sage Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853.

Working Papers

I am happy to share current versions of some of our papers on SSRN. Also included here are a couple of papers that I am not actively working on, but eagerly wish to come back to some day!

  1. Arora, Kashish, V. Gaur. 2021. A Data-Driven Model of a Firm’s Operations With Application to Cash Flow Forecasting.
  2. Osadchiy, N., M. Udenio, V. Gaur. 2021. Have Supply Networks Become More Fragmented Over Time?
  3. Gaur, V., X. Liu. 2020. Personalized Recommendation System Design for an Online B2B Platform.
  4. Cui, Y., V. Gaur, J. Liu. 2022. Supply Chain Transparency and Blockchain Design.
    • This paper is a revised version of our previous working paper titled “Blockchain Collaboration with Competing Firms in a Shared Supply Chain: Benefits and Challenges.”
  5. Gaur, V., N. Osadchiy, S. Seshadri, M. Subrahamanyam. 2020. Sourcing Strategies for Online Marketplaces. under revision.
  6. Udenio, M., V. Gaur, J. C. Fransoo. Inventories and the bullwhip effect: A chicken-and-egg situation. new version forthcoming.
  7. Alan, Yasin, Vishal Gaur. Managing Growth and Bankruptcy Risk for a Cash Constrained Firm. new version forthcoming.
  8. Gaur, V., M. L. Fisher, A. Raman. 2010. What Explains Superior Retail Performance?
  9. Gaur, V., M. L. Fisher, and A. Raman. 2002. Linking Finance and Operations in Retailing.

Published Papers

  1. Gaur, V. 2021. Bringing Blockchain, IoT, and Analytics to Supply Chains. Harvard Business Review Digital Article, Dec 21, 2021.
  2. Akkaş, A., V. Gaur. 2021. OM Forum – Reducing Food Waste: An Operations Management Research Agenda. M&SOM, forthcoming.
  3. Davis, Andrew, Vishal Gaur, Dayoung Kim. 2021. Consumer Learning from Own Experience and Social Information: An Experimental Study. Management Science, 67(5) 2924-2943. [Pdf Slides]
  4. Gaur, V., A. Gaiha. 2020. Building a Transparent Supply Chain: Blockchain can Enhance Trust, Efficiency, and Speed, Harvard Business Review, May-June.
  5. Terwiesch, C., M. Olivares, B. Staats, V. Gaur. 2020. OM Forum–A Review of Empirical Operations Management over the Last Two Decades. M&SOM, 22(4) 656-668.
  6. Akkaş, A., V. Gaur, D. Simchi-Levi. 2019. Drivers of Product Expiration in Consumer Packaged Goods RetailingManagement Science. 65(5) May, 2179-2195. [Pdf Slides]
  7. Alan, Y., V. Gaur. 2018. Operational Investment and Capital Structure Under Asset Based LendingM&SOM. 20(4) Fall, 601-800. [Pdf Slides]
    • Yasin Alan selected as a finalist for the 2011 M&SOM Student Paper Competition for an early version of this paper.
  8. Fisher, M. L., V. Gaur, H. Kleinberger. 2017. Curing the Addiction to Growth: Lessons from the Retail Industry. Harvard Business Review. Jan-Feb, Reprint R1701C.
  9. Kesavan, S., T. Kushwaha, V. Gaur. 2016. Do high- and low-inventory turnover retailers respond differently to demand shocks? M&SOM. 18(2) Spring, 198-215. [Pdf Slides]
  10. Lee, Joon-Kyum, V. Gaur, S. Muthulingam. 2016. Stockout-Based Substitution and Inventory Planning in Textbook Retailing. M&SOM. 18(1) Winter, 104-121.
  11. Osadchiy, N., V. Gaur, S. Seshadri. 2016. Systematic Risk in Supply Chain Sales. Management Science. 62(6) June, 1755-1777. [Pdf Slides]
  12. Alan, Y., G. Gao, V. Gaur. 2014. Does Inventory Turnover Predict Future Stock Return? A Retailing Industry Perspective. Management Science. 60(10) 2416-2434. [Pdf Slides]
  13. Gaur, V., R. Lai, A. Raman, W. Schmidt. 2015. Signaling to Partially Informed Investors in the Newsvendor Model. Production and Operations Management. 24(3) 383-401.
  14. Gaur, V., S. Kesavan, A. Raman. 2014. Retail Inventory: Managing the Canary in the Coal Mine! California Management Review, 56(2) Winter. p.55-76. [Pdf Slides]
  15. Gaur, V., N. Osadchiy, S. Seshadri. 2013. Sales Forecasting with Financial Indicators and Experts’ Input. Production and Operations Management. 22(5) p.1056-1076.
    • Runner-up for the 2014 M&SOM iFORM SIG Best Paper Award.
  16. Honhon, D., V. Gaur, S. Seshadri. 2012. A Multi-Supplier Sourcing Problem with a Preference Ordering of Suppliers. Production and Operations Management. 21(6) p.1028-1041.
  17. Gaur, V., S. Seshadri, M. Subrahmanyam. 2011. Securitization and Real Investment in Incomplete Markets. Management Science, December, 57(12).
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Book Chapters

  1. Cui, Y., V. Gaur. 2021. Supply Chain Transparency Using Blockchain: Benefits, Challenges, and Examples. To appear in edited book Global Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies for the 2020s: Vital Skills for the Next Generation, Editors Kai Hoberg and Rico Merkert, Springer Series in Supply Chain Management.
  2. Gaur, V. 2017. POM and Retailing. Chapter 31 in Routledge Companion for Production and Operations Management, editors Martin K. Starr and Sushil K. Gupta.
  3. Gaur, V. 2013. Supply Chain Management. Chapter in Core Curriculum in Operations, edited by Roy Shapiro, HBS Publishers Product # 8031-PDF-ENG.
  4. Alan, Yasin, V. Gaur. 2010. Category and Inventory Management. Chapter in Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science.
  5. Gaur, V., S. Kesavan. 2008. The Effects of Firm Size and Sales Growth Rate on Inventory Turnover Performance in the U.S. Retail Sector. Chapter 3 in Retail Supply Chain Management, edited by N. Agrawal and S. Smith, Springer International Series in Operations Research & Management Science.

Other Publications

  1. Gaur, V., X. Liu, A. Dhaliwal, A. Jain, G. Manchanda. 2021. Personalized Recommender System Design for IndiaMART’s Online B2B Platform. Analytics. INFORMS.
  2. Gaur, V. 2010. Book Review of “Swaminathan, J. M., ed. 2009. Indian Economic Superpower: Fiction or Future? World Scientific Publishing Company Pte. Ltd., Hackensack, NJ” published in Interfaces 40(2), p.163-168.
  3. Gaur, V., V. Singhal, B. B. Flynn, P. T. Ward, A. V. Roth. 2008. Editorial: Empirical elephants – Why multiple methods are essential to quality research in operations and supply chain management. Journal of Operations Management, 26(3) p.345-348.
  4. Gaur, V. 2005. Inventory Turnover Performance in the U.S. Retail Sector. POMS Chronicle, 12(3), p.18-19.
  5. Gaur, V., S. Seshadri, M. Subrahmanyam. Market Incompleteness and Super Value Additivity: Implications for Securitization. European Finance Association 2004.
  6. Gaur, V., S. Seshadri, M. Subrahmanyam. Intermediation and Value Creation in an Incomplete Market: Implications for Securitization. FMA European Conference 2005.

Last revised: September 2021